Marie Vernon

Come on in. Wish I could offer you a cup of tea, but the Internet’s not yet that sophisticated. I hope you’ll feel as comfortable when you visit this website as if we were chatting over a kitchen table or hanging out at Starbucks over our double nonfat lattes.

An especially warm welcome waits here for all Elvis fans. My most recent book, Graceland Express is specially dedicated to you. For my fellow writers and would-be writers I hope this becomes a place for us to share our experiences on the rocky road to publication and also log in to some advice from professionals in the publishing world.

Let me give you the quickie tour. Think of the buttons on the bar at the top of each page as doorways to the various rooms. Click on the one labeled AUTHOR and you’ll step into my office. (Please excuse the mess; we writers tend to be a bit disorderly.)  Here you can read about the various paths I’ve taken to publication and find valuable tips from editors, agents, authors and others with expertise in the publishing field.

Click on the BOOKS button and you’re in the library. You’ll find here a description of each of my books that’s currently in publication. In addition to Graceland Express you’ll find two True Crime books co-authored by my husband, McCay Vernon, and myself. You can read excerpts from each of the books and, if you’re interested, easily place an order for them with the click of a button.

Don’t skip the BLOG page. This is the chat room where we can exchange recipes or, who knows, talk about our favorite childhood memory, or tell why a particular Elvis song goes straight to our heart. You can respond to my blogs via email, and I’ll post your interesting and provocative responses for other readers to share. This is also where you find the calendar of my book signings and other relevant events.

Finally, from any page click on HOME and it will bring you right back here where I’ll be waiting with that cup of tea.

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