Graceland Express


Vangie O’Toole, is a devoted Elvis fan, but her dream of going to Graceland for the tenth anniversary of Elvis’s death seems doomed. When Vangie’s father died, her brother Floyd took off, leaving Vangie to care for her paranoid mother who fears that Gypsies will kidnap her if she’s left alone. But Vangie’s humdrum world is about to be turned upside down by an opera-loving truck driver, an over-the-hill movie star and a cat named Konstanze. Graceland Express is a crime caper with an Elvis twist that will have you rooting for Vangie and the Elvis-4-Ever Fan Club.


Elvis Presley died in 1977, yet each year thousands of fans travel to his Graceland mansion, drawn by the deep connection they feel to the poor boy from Tupelo who changed the music scene forever. From Tokyo to Oslo or from Moscow to Singapore, everywhere you travel you’ll find an Elvis fan club. In Graceland Express, author Marie Vernon explores the many facets of Elvis’s personality that continue to attract his fans and make him a uniquely iconic figure throughout the world.

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Deadly Lust

Deadly Lust

Co-authors McCay and Marie Vernon reveal the dark secrets of a serial killer who found many of his victims in historic St. Augustine, Florida.

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Deadly Charm

Deadly Charm

In their second co-authored book, the Vernons present a striking and tragic portrait of a young deaf man whose uncontrollable anger destroyed his own life and the lives of those around him. So far as can be determined, Patrick McCullough is the only deaf man known to be a serial killer. The handsome young man with the impressive physique exerted a compelling appeal for women, but beneath that engaging surface lurked a darker, more dangerous side that ultimately led to three bloody murders.

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