Hello and welcome. I’d like to offer you a cup of tea, but the Internet’s not yet that sophisticated. I want you to feel as comfortable when you visit this website as if we were chatting over a kitchen table or hanging out at Starbucks over double nonfat lattes.

For my fellow writers and would-be writers I hope this becomes a go-to spot for us to share our experiences on the rocky road to publication. Don’t skip my BLOG page where we can share valuable tips or maybe just exchange recipes or, who knows, talk about our favorite childhood memories.

My journey as a writer started with a poem I wrote at age five and which, happily goes unpublished.

I was born in Owings Mills, Maryland, some thirteen miles north of Baltimore. Having graduation from Franklin High School in nearby Reisterstown, I attended Maryland State Teacher’s College (now Towson State University and completed my studies at McCoy College of Johns Hopkins University.

After several years of teaching, I devoted myself fulltime to my growing family and my husband’s business. Over the years continued to write, although the poems, short stories and novels I scribbled late at night when the house was finally quiet were read only by the dust mites who inhabited my desk drawer.

Eventually I connected with fellow writers through membership in the Washington Writers Association and Baltimore Writers Alliance as well as workshops and writers’ conferences including two sessions at Breadloaf in Vermont. I was fortunate to work with Frederick Morton at Hopkins and had a year-long tutorial with poet, Sister Maura Eichner, SSND.

My first publication credits were freelance articles, columns and book reviews for The Baltimore an a number of national and regional publications. Through those, I got to hone my writing skills, explore intriguing topics and meet many fascinating people, including an Elvis fan who later inspired my novel, Graceland Express (Milestone Publishing, 2011). An interest in oral history led to publication of my first book, Speaking of Our Past (Heritage Books, 1990) and a grant to update the history of a church founded in 1640 (The Garrison Church, 1995).

My marriage in 1993 to McCay Vernon, a psychologist prominent in the fields of deafness and forensics, led to our co-authorship of two True Crime books. Deadly Lust (Kensington, 2005) and Deadly Charm (Gallaudet University Press, 2010).

Currently, under the pseudonym Amber Adams, I am co-authoring with Judy Weber a mystery series set in our home town of St. Augustine. Above the Fold (2013), Deadly Listings (2014) and Body Shop (2016) are available on Amazon Books. Our fourth book, Wicked Rich will be due in 2017.