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September 4, 2011
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October 12, 2011
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Elvis Fans With the Write Stuff

The meeting of Jacksonville’s We Love You, Elvis, Forever Fan Club last Sunday was a Book Circle at which club members presented books they had written and  their favorite books about Elvis and/or Graceland.

 Rose Zeilman and Jean Osborne are co-authors in the process of publishing what sounds like a fascinating book that we can’t wait to read, Elvis Fans in the 21st Century. They have attracted the attention of an agent and are hoping to have a publisher soon.

 Jim Flaherty and Terry Mabe spoke about Elvis books that they liked. Jim said that Elvis A-Z is his favorite and Terry suggested the Elvis Encyclopedia as having the most complete information.

Vicki Lee’s intriguing title is We Got Country Cookin’ at Vicki’s House Tonight.Just reading those Southern Cooking recipes is enough to make one’s mouth water. In addition, Vicki has included photos and essays about the many performing artists she’s worked with over the years. As a bonus, the book includes a CD.

Club President Tracy Duncan’s favorite Elvis books are a 2-part biography of Elvis. Last Train to Memphis covers Elvis’s early career and Careless Love is about his later years.

 Rick Marino who has had a long career as an Elvis performance artist wrote a book with another intriguing title, Be Elvis. Rick’s book gives would-be performers the inside information on how to replicate Elvis’s appearance, personality and performance style. Rick shared stories about the fascinating places to which his book has taken him, including appearances on major TV shows.

Susie Ross’s favorite book, I Called Him Babe is by Elvis’s nurse. Susie also told a hilarious story about the time she was kissed by Elvis. Seems that when Susie was a teenager, her girlfriend’s father was a policeman who was working at one of Elvis’s concerts and was able to get the two girls not only front-row seats for the concert, but also a pass to go backstage. After the show they waited and waited and finally Elvis appeared. He gave each of them a friendly peck on the cheek. At that, the girlfriend announced that they wanted a “real kiss.” Elvis grabbed Susie first and gave her her “first French kiss” as she put it. He was about to lay one on the girlfriend when her policeman father walked in and shouted, “Take your hands off my daughter!”

Jayme Trolle displayed a book that is very special to her, the guidebook she received on her very first visit to Graceland.

 A nice selection of books about Elvis and Graceland as well as copies of the newspaper from the day Elvis died was on display. A big thanks to all the club members for sharing and for allowing me to share a few words about Graceland Express  and how I came to write a novel about an Elvis fan. Hope those of you who’ve gotten the book are enjoying it. If you missed it, Graceland Express is available at Barnes & Noble, on and on e-books such as Kindle and Nook.

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