October 13, 2011
Another sample from my new novel, Red Run Farm.
November 2, 2011
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Ann McAllister Clark’s mystery novel, A Bone in her Teeth, is a welcome addition to the growing number of books that make wonderful use of our city’s unique culture. The protagonist of Ann’s novel lives on a boat in one of the local marinas, and readers will find the descriptions and imagery Ann employs to describe that lifestyle a delight. With Ann’s permission I am quoting one of her memorable passages from A Bone in Her Teeth:

 When an evening Atlantic high tide seeks the many inlets of St. Augustine, it washes a slow, undulating torrent of briny water up into the San Sebastian River and turns the backwater marshes deep and dark with eons-old mysteries. Six hours later, at ebb tide, the waters flow back into the ocean, leaving behind ponds and pockets rich with the salty evolution of plants and animals. The vegetation, mollusks, silt, and sea creatures nearly glow, yet hide their murky secrets and life-force activities. Then, a stillness—a waiting for the return of the voyager, the sailor back from the sea—until the quickening flood tide, sea breezes, and the pull of the Earth’s moon cause the entire cycle to happen again.

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