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November 21, 2015
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Baltimore Sun Recognizes Snow Helper

Rachel Miller, 23, of Federal Hill, wrote an email to The Baltimore Sun, admiring her older brother’s selfless act:

“After hearing the news earlier that the Baltimore County Humane Society got hit really hard by the storm and was asking for support, my brother, Gary Williams, knew he had to help. He lives about a mile away from the Humane Society [in Reisterstown] so he walked with his snow blower and backpack with an extra 50-gallon tank of gas on the snow covered roads to help clear them out. He is a father of two little ones and has his own driveway and street that needed to be cleared, but he knew that this was what he was called to do. He was extremely happy he could help! Unfortunately, his snowblower broke before he could finish his own driveway but regardless he was just happy he could help someone that was truly in need. He has rescued two of his own dogs from the humane society so I think it was pretty special [for] him to give back just a little bit of what they’ve given him.

His love for animals and doing good for others is so inspiring and I feel that it is something that should be shared. I am so proud to be his sister.”

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