Book Reviews

"When I find a new book or revisit an old one, I want to share it with others who delight in the written word!" - Marie Vernon

"Two Old Fools on a Camel" By Victoria Twead

A pair of retired school teachers take on a job at the American School in Bahrain where the climate is incredibly dry, the parents incredibly wealthy and the kids arrive at school in chauffeur-driven limousines. Can they survive the year in a culture totally different from anything they have previously experienced?

Reluctant Intern by Bill Yancey

Ever wondered how medical students survive the grueling trials of internship? In Bill Yancey's Reluctant Intern, readers follow Doctor Addison Wolfe through the rotations at a Jacksonville hospital. Moving from emergency room to maternity to cardiology, he faces a constant battle against fatigue, the dreaded Mortality and Morbidity review and a never-ending stream of needy patients. Even romance has to take a back seat to the demands of the job, although he and the other interns manage to find some fun along the way...

"Looks Great Naked" By Sandi Hutcheson

Can a falling-apart marriage be saved: Or do the very factors that brought a couple together drive them apart in the end? A provocative look at a marriage on the rocks by author Sandi Hutcheson.

"Accidental Sailor Girl" By Kourtney Patterson

ACCIDENTAL SAILOR GIRL: Share the adventures of Kourtney and Pete on the Norna as they sail from St. Augustine, FL to Spain and back. Lots of adventures on the way. A gripping story by Kourtney Patterson.

"Graceland Express" By Marie Vernon

It’s the anniversary of Elvis’s death and the Elvis-4-Ever Fan Club is heading to Graceland. Will Vangie O’Toole be on that big bus, or is she stuck caring for her paranoid mother who thinks Gypsies will kidnap her if she’s left alone? AHA!– the picture changes when an Elvis mannequin, an opera-loving truck driver, and a washed-out movie star enter Vangie’s life.

"Kite Wars" By R.J. Feliciano

What was it like to grow up in New York’s Spanish Harlem in a time when a homemade kite was a treasure and it was safe for kids to play in the streets? Author Ray Feliciano takes his young hero, along with pals Filthy and Florindo, through hurdles of Scout camp, learning to ride a two-wheeler and engaging in roof-top wars between kites armed with razor blades. Girls?–what’s a boy to do when his biggest tormentor turns out to be his first romance?