As AMBER ADAMS with co-author Judy Weber

HI, I’M MYSTERY WRITER AMBER ADAMS and I’m fortunate to live in our nation’s oldest city, St. Augustine. Everywhere I turn, sights and sounds fire the imagination. Cannons boom from the fort. Carriages clop through cobblestone streets. The masts of luxury yachts sway in the same harbor where Spanish galleons once anchored. Surfers and swimmers enjoy 42 miles of pristine beaches. And binding it all together is our beautiful, unique Bridge of Lions, all a perfect setting for my Day McKelvey mystery series.

The protagonist of my mystery series, 35-year-old newspaper reporter Day McKelvey, grew up in St. Augustine but left for a time to attend college and begin her career as a journalist. She met and married football star, Derek McKelvey, but the marriage fell apart when Derek could not cope with being dropped from a pro team. After Day’s father is killed in a plane crash, she returns home to St. Augustine, where her formerly staid mother has adopted the name “Zanthia” and delved headlong into the occult.

Day’s assignments as a reporter for the First Coast Dispatch often include murders and other crimes taking place in St. Augustine. The overlap in her career and that of married police Lieutenant Sam Stansfield makes it especially difficult to break off her affair with him even when a new man enters her life..

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Above the Fold

In Above the Fold, 35-year-old newspaper reporter Day McKelvey is plunged into peril when she exposes a killer whose murderous intent is rooted in past deceptions. At the Menendez Ball celebrating St. Augustine’s founding in 1565, Day is unaware that she’s interviewing both a killer and his victim... A young student whom Day once saved from a life of juvenile crime is accused of the murder, and, in order to clear him, Day jeopardizes her own life.

Day is determined to end her affair with married police lieutenant Sam Stansfield, a relationship that impedes her new romance with widowed pilot Andy Thompson. Her mother, the mystic Zanthia, offers Day plenty of otherworldly advice.

Deadly Listings

In Deadly Listings, Day McKelvey sets out to help a fellow staff member choose a home, and discovers the dead body of the real estate agent, a former classmate. She investigates the murder and runs afoul of a killer with a compulsion for revenge. When Day comes too close to the secret hidden in his dark past, the killer determines to silence her.

A group of women golfers enlist Day’s help as they mount a militant effort to save their historic course from a greedy developer who plans to build mega-mansions on the property.

Day’s romance with pilot Andy Thompson hits a snag as, unsure of her mothering skills, she attempts to connect with his two young daughters. Sam Stansfield doesn’t help matters and continues to insert himself into her life. Day knows Sam is trouble, but her resistance is weak.

Body Shop

In this third book of the Day McKelvey Mystery Series, newspaper reporter Day McKelvey rescues a runaway girl and discovers a criminal operation whose tentacles reach far beyond historic St. Augustine. Day ignores the FBI’s warning and places her own life in danger as well as that of the child she’s attempting to save.

At the First Coast Dispatch office, Day must cope with an eager intern who may have notions of replacing her and a rift in Day’s romance with pilot Andy Thompson opens the door for her former lover, police Lieutenant Sam Stansfield to re-enter her life.